Well this has taken months to get berts trust once again after being attacked by biff my staffie.i didn’t think bert would ever be settled enough to want to come out his cage again .but thankfully his been coming down & waiting at his cage door for me to bring him out witch I’m pleased for because bert has always been a high strung parrot not for everybody’s patents but I’m quite attached to him I’ve had I’m near 5 years now & hope to have his quite along time too if biff the staffie don’t let his hot head & charging around like a bull in a china shop wane away a little touch more so I can let bert out a little more as I like him to be out & have his freedom like two dogs have my other dog piglet the English bull she is good with bert &accepts that bert is one of my care receivers so she can be trusted with bert but poor biff the staffie I think is jealous of bert .but I am hoping he settles more with bert at some point to give bert the freedom he had once back I use to be able to fall asleep with bert out & piglet not getting any mischief with berts well being

IMG_2598-0.JPG this is biff looking on at bert with mischief on his mind & I’ll post a picture of piglet later

Regained the trusts of bert the parrot


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